ReQlogic Punchout w/ Invalid Characters

At work, one of the applications I am responsible for is called ReQlogic. It’s a 3rd-party requisitioning product and is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics SL (Solomon). There are about 400+ users of this app here at Life Time Fitness, so it’s an important one!

We’ve had a lot of random issues with it ever since it was installed, but it also has been a big time-saver as well. The latest issue (resolved) was that we received an error every now & then when attempting to submit a punchout order to Staples.

After some troubleshooting, I determined the problem to be a pair of invalid characters (“ and ”) within the description field in the cxml. I was able to dynamically replace many other invalid characters by editing the punchoutpo.aspx file on the server, but these just wouldn’t play nice.

The final solution was to manually edit a sql view called xwv_po_purchord. All that was needed was to alter the code below


What this code did was just replace the invalid quotes with a pair of valid quotes. Now the cxml submits just fine & dandy.

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