• Whoah – tech news overload!

    Just a quick post after adding a new theme to the site.  Looks like I’m adding a new post yearly now, but I hope to increase that soon.  Daily would be nice.  But what should I say?  Maybe a little about my day and a little tech and politics thrown in for good measure.  Nothing too major, as hopefully I’ll start putting other sites online that will deal with the serious stuff!

    As a Minnesotan, I’m currently suffering through watching Minnesota sports.  At this point, they’re ALL BAD.  The Twins, who’ve won the division nearly every year for the past 10 years or so, now have the worst record in the majors.  I personally hope they trade many veterans for a good mix of minor-leaguers and future draft picks.  It’s time to rebuild.  But with Mauer’s contract and Kubel’s production, I’d keep ’em both.  Then move Mauer to 1st base as catching doesn’t seem to be in his long-term future with the Twins.