Stop the annoying “Updating Your Computer is Almost Complete” Message

The full message is “Updating your computer is almost complete.  You must restart your computer for the updates to take effect”.


There are 2 methods to put a stop to this message.  One will stop it permanently, but depending on your environment (locked down policies at at your company), it may not work.  The other will work until you reboot your computer.


Let’s start with the easy, temporary fix. 

1. Click the Start button

2. Choose the Run command

3. Type in sc stop wuaserv and click ok.


The windows update icon will disappear from your system tray and you’re home free…until you reboot and more updates are installed.


Now for the permanent fix.

1. Click Start, Run, then type in gpedit.msc

2. In the application that appears, click on Computer Configuration under Local Computer Policy and then click on the + sign to the left of Administrative Templates.

3. Click the + sign next to Windows Components, and then click on Windows Update.

4. On the screen to the right, double-click on Re-prompt for restart with scheduled installations.  Cick the Disabled radiobox and then click OK.

5. Close this application.

6. Go to Start, Run, then type in gpupdate.exe /force and press enter or click OK.


The last step needs to be done to apply the policy update immediately, but may not work if you are using a work computer and they have the policies locked down.


That’s it.  Comment with questions.

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